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Access Control to Keep Your Business Secure

Provide a Safe Space for Employees, Visitors and Contractors

Control unwanted access and create peace of mind, but not at the expense of daily business operations. DWR Specializes in creating and installing access control systems for commercial properties both big and small. Access control is more than just locks on doors. It creates a defined area that not only limits who can enter a controlled space, but when they can do so. User friendly software allows you to restrict some or all spaces depending on your particular needs. You will be given the ability to open or secure spaces, define restrictions to access times for staff, visitors or contractors and limit access to secure areas via access cards, biometrics, or passcodes.


Protect Your Business Without Preventing the Flow of Work

The entire process of implementing access control is fully customizable so it can work for a small office or an entire office tower. We build systems that start outside the building and map out defined areas from the parkade, through the elevators and offices, all the way up to the rooftop. Mix and match the aspects you need from gates and barrier systems, turnstiles, prox readers, intrusion and detection systems, cutting-edge video surveillance and monitoring.


Available 24/7 for Customer Support

Our office is fully equipped to support your system from conception and our goal is to always keep it functioning at an optimum level. We offer system hosting, system management and ongoing support so you never have to worry that your system will not continue to function as intended over time.


We Use High Quality Products and Integrate Them into a Best Fit for Your Company 

Every access control system has four main components: the software, the system controllers, the card readers and electronic locks.














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