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Security Entrance

Perimeter Protection: Property Damage, Theft, Intruder Defence

One of the most basic components to a complex and fully integrated access control system is perimeter control. Products in this line range from gates and barrier systems, turnstiles, cutting-edge video surveillance and monitoring, elevator control, intrusion and detection systems regarding water damage, broken glass or door tampering, intercoms and door chimes that alert when a door is open or closed. Our security system solutions can help you manage access and create peace of mind, but not at the expense of daily business operations.


An intrusion alarm is designed to detect unauthorized entry onto your property – protecting you against theft and property damage but can also be used to manage staff and customer direction within an office building. That is why we also specialize in directories that can help your customers, tenants, and staff navigate your property once they are in the building. DWR provides installation and integration of the aspects of perimeter control that your specific business requires and partners with Securtek to provide continuous monitoring of a selection of intrusion alarms for your business.


From protecting a single office to an entire office tower, we have solutions for your business. We work to grow our product line, keeping up with changing technology and coming up with innovative solutions to keep your business protected.

Contact D.W. Rourke & Associates Ltd. today to learn how your business can benefit from our services.

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