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DWR Is Your ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Listed Installer

We are able to integrate, test and ensure that your fire system monitoring is operating within UL standards at all times. In Alberta, building codes may stipulate that your fire system must be UL approved and monitored at all times, DWR has a partnership with Securtek, a ULC alarm listed monitoring company, which allows us to bring together the installation of the monitoring panels and the actual monitoring of your UL system.


ULC Is the Industry Standard for Fire Protection

We will help ensure that your fire monitoring system is in compliance so that you will have less critical issues with response times and false alarms. At DWR we install, service and test the fully UL certified monitoring system attached to your fire panel, and we do so in compliance with UL standards. Contact us today if you require a UL Fire System. To learn more about the ULC program visit the Canada UL website.


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