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Fully Integrated Video Surveillance and IP Video Systems

Video Systems are made up of more than the camera itself, video management and a reliable video surveillance system can significantly improve security and minimize risk. Protect your property, employees, tenants and customers with real time video surveillance and the option to record and replay feed reliably from work or on the go. DWR’s knowledgeable team can design, plan, install and integrate a video system that works for you. Our product line includes some of the industry leaders when it comes to video management software and cameras, providing unmatched real time surveillance capabilities that are user friendly and accessible from anywhere.



Fast Paced and Ever Changing Building Management

We know that the landscape of business changes constantly, that is why DWR is committed to a full assessment of our client’s specific and unique needs. When it comes to designing, implementing and integrating surveillance, we take into consideration both the current and future operations of your business, the location, and your security objectives.


Many variables come in to play when building a reliable surveillance system. Location and environmental factors dictate the type and quality of cameras, as does the size and quality of the servers holding the data, even the placement of monitoring screens and video analytics can be used to provide a deterrent and enhance the effectiveness of the system. We want to create a system that can grow and adapt as your business grows while delivering real-time operational awareness and security.

Contact D.W. Rourke & Associates Ltd. today to learn how your business can benefit from our services.

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